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What is the cheapest, best delivery solution in Romania or Europe for my business?

Are you looking for the best, cheap and efficient delivery solution by courier or post in Romania or Europe?

What is the best delivery solution anywhere in the world?

How do you find the best solution for storing goods in Europe?

How do you get the best packaging and delivery preparation solution in Europe?

What is the best cash on delivery service in Romania, Hungary or Bulgaria?
We want to offer you the best, cheap and efficient logistics solution for your business, so that you can use our fulfillment, courier and post services efficiently, both for storage and for the preparation and delivery of your goods.
Below you will find some answers to any questions you may have regarding logistics services.

I have a product sold in Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and I want to sell it in Romania with cash on delivery........ If you have a single product and want it to be delivered only in Romania with cash on delivery, the best service is the fulfillment service completed with the national delivery service by courier. Thus, you help to pay for the logistics in jus 3 eur/product ( all in), but you only send us the orders and wait for the money in the account, we take care of the rest. So you can check the : FULFILLMENT SERVICE (storage, packaging, pick, pack, labelling) all the logistic services necessary for your business NATIONAL COURIER - delivery of envelopes and parcels with cash on delivery anywhere in Romania.

I have a product sold in Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and I want to sell it Worldwide without custom clearance and taxes........ If you have only one product and you promote it anywhere in the world, and you want it to reach the customer without you or the customer paying customs duties, additional taxes, the best solution is the FULFILLMENT service together with the POSTAL INTERNATIONAL service. At a cost starting with 6 euros/package, your product is stored, packed and delivered in AMERICA without customs or taxes.

I have several products sold from my online store and I want to sell them in Romania with cash on delivery....... Then we offer you the national courier service with rates starting from 3 eur/delivery (all in) and it allows you to deliver your goods anywhere in Romania without any hidden costs. We connect your Api online store to our platform and thus your sales automatically become parcels delivered to customers. What's more important is that we collect the refund and immediately deliver your money anywhere in the world without taxes or hidden costs.

I have several products, I sell them from my online store and I want delivery in Europe with cash on delivery........ International ecommerce courier service is definitely your solution. You can also (or not) use the fulfillment service, but by e-commerce courier your package of ANY WEIGHT is delivered economically in EUROPE, we collect the refund and send it immediately to your bank account ... in whatever country it is. You can connect the API to our platform, so placing orders will be done automatically by your store.

I have several products, I sell them from my online store and I want delivery Worldwide without custom clearance and taxes........ You can use the Fulfillment service to bring the goods to us in the warehouse, but for delivery the INTERNATIONAL POSTAL SERVICE is certainly all you need. Deliver to America (from 5 eur), Canada (from 6 eur) Australia (from 5 eur) without you or the buyer having to clear customs or pay customs duties. We deliver the goods to him safely

I have several products that I promote in different ways and I am looking for a solution for them to be sold in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary........ The ECOMMERCE REGIONAL delivery service ensures delivery in these countries, with cash on delivery, at rates starting with 3 eur/package. What's nicer is that the price decreases with the increase in volumes. Delivery in 2 days, quick cash-on-delivery collection, no additional taxes are just a few advantages.

I want to do mail marketing for my store or business and send flyers or catalogs to customers........ We are among the few who can offer DIRECT MAIL in ROMANIA. Thus, through our network of 3,000 postmen, today we deliver 3 million leaflets monthly to mailboxes for the largest companies in Romania. Look for the DIRECT MAI service and ask for an offer!

I want to deliver small products to my clients in Romania without refund in the mailbox........ Through our postal services, we deliver invoices, bank cards, small promotional products, leaflets, etc. to mailboxes, at rates starting with 0.7 eur. All you have to do is give us the goods and the database of your customers and the couriers will find the goods sent in the mailbox.

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