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romanian e-fulfillment -storage-delivery- TCE logistic

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We are dealing with distribution of goods under one roof – we store, pack and deliver your goods and parcels. 

Without worries and cheaper for all kinds of goods and seizes of packages or pallets.

Romanian fulfillment, in general, means complete logistics process from the moment of sale until the delivery of product to end customer realized by specialized company. It is commonly understood as a distribution of goods (in parcels, envelopes or on pallets) to end customer by a third party – provider of fulfillment services. Simply said, fulfillment is everything that is needed to be done by provider from the moment of getting an order until the order is succesfully processed and the product is delivered to buyer.

Company providing these services of logistics outsourcing is called fulfillment house, or 3PL provider (third party logistics provider). 

Romanian fulfillment process includes operations like

  • warehousing,

  • picking,

  • packing,

  • delivering (transport-parcel service) of third partie´s goods,

  • reports for stoc an status all this thanks to application of information systems and modern technologies

The service is for all the companies dealing with physical goods. These are mostly e-shops, mail order businesses, exporters, importers, manufacturers, promotional materials, spare parts, consumer goods, etc.

Romanian Warehouse and packing take place in our warehouses. Delivery of goods can be done anywhere in Europe and even worldwide, and thanks to our big volume for great prices.

Benefits of fulfillment are undoubtful:

 - Saving of time. Saving money ! You will have more time for main business activities
- radical decrease of shipments on logistics thanks to our specialization and range of services
- implementation of our system and know-how

 - faster growth of your company

 - make clear and transparent profit with variable logistic cost (no employee, no warehouse, no courier contract)

Nowadays, an efficient solution of logistics and distribution of goods is one of the most important success factors, mostly concerning trade companies.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

romanian ecommerce warehousing 


Romanian STORAGE - Romanian Warehouse

TCE  Romanian Storage offers complete logistics services, from simple commodity coordination and handling to warehousing, management and inventory management through advanced work systems.
The warehouse is sanitary-veterinary certificate for food products of animal and non-animal nature with guaranteed temperature of 7-22 degrees throughout the year, being equipped with storage shelves and suitable lifting and handling equipment.
All operations are performed by scanning in a WMS software where management is organized on batch and expiration dates so that the possibility of human error is eliminated and FEFO (first expiry first out) principle is respected.

Storage of goods on shelves or on free surfaces;

Handling, sorting;

Qualitative and quantitative reception;

Pick-ing according to orders;

Packaging, pallets, consolidations;

Packaging in envelopes or boxes, labels, insets;

List delivery documents;

Issuing accompanying documents on behalf of clients;

Control pin scanning operations;

Merchandise insurance;

Stock management and management;

Stock inventory reporting.

7000 sqm storage area in Bucharest, 10,000 pallets / shelves, 3,000 pallets on the free surface, 40,000 picking locations.

18000 sqm storage area in Augsburg, 35,000 pallets / shelves, 4,000 pallets on the free surface, 80,000 picking locations.

Ensures stock integrity by taking delivery of the products. It honors on the same day any order received until 15 o'clock. It perceives variable costs depending on the occupied space or services provided on a daily basis. It can customize the requirements of its clients.

Online Shops Pick & Pack Service Romania

By Pick & Pack services we mean picking, assembling, packing and dispatch of goods and appropriate documents (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.) in boxes, envelopes, pallets or in any other form for a secure transport, and processing of information and documents that are needed for Pick & Pack.

The goods are dispatched in a same day without your worries about packages and without need to wait for a parcel service or having to go to a post office.

Within the service itself we are providing these operations:
- receiving and processing client´s orders information
- documents processing (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.)
- pick & pack of order
- procurement of packaging material 
- preparation of  goods for sale – packing into packages, labels, inserting manuals, etc.
- making of output documents and shipping labels
- optimization of shipping
- returns and claims management

Romanian FULFILLMENT Rates - Romanian efulfill

Even if you choose the national courier service, the international courier service or the international postal service, be sure to choose:
- a secure delivery to the recipient
- the best price on the market for delivery
-delivery with refund
-permanent monitoring of delivery
-transparency and quality service

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shipping envelopes and parcels with COD in Romania without weight limit

delivery in 1day 

delivery door to door

collect COD and transfer in any country

rates starting with:

2.9 eur / envelope

3.00 eur / package 1 kg


shipping envelopes and parcels with COD in Hungary without weight limit

delivery in 2 days 

delivery door to door

collect COD and transfer in any country

rates starting with:

4 eur / envelope

4.2 eur / package 1 kg


shipping envelopes and parcels with COD in Bulgaria without weight limit

delivery in 1 day 

delivery door to door

collect COD and transfer in any country

rates starting with:

4.2 eur / envelope

4.5 eur / package 1 kg


shipping envelopes and parcels with COD in Croatia without weight limit

delivery in 3 dayS 

delivery door to door

collect COD and transfer in any country

rates starting with:

5.6 eur / envelope

6.3 eur / package 1 kg


shipping envelopes and parcels with COD in EUROPE without weight limit

delivery in 3 dayS 

delivery door to door

collect COD and transfer in any country

rates starting with:

5 eur / envelope

5.5 eur / package 1 kg


Economic postal delivery ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for parcels up to 5 kilograms:
- very cheap delivery
- no customs operations for export from Romania, wherever it is sent in the world
- global coverage for absolutely all destinations on the globe
- track and trace
- placing the order online


Road delivery with cash on delivery for any destination in Europe:
-fast delivery by road to all of Europe
- for parcels up to 30 kg
- delivery anywhere in Europe
- track and trace
- placing the order online

pick and pack


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