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courier postal delivery romania


best romanian logistic solution
storage | pick&pack | delivery by private postal network

postal delivery in romania and worldwide

When you want to deliver envelopes and small packages in Romania or anywhere in the world, there is no better solution than delivery by mail. Secure, efficient, but especially very cheap, postal delivery allows delivery without customs operations, directly in the hands of the recipient.
You choose the international postal service and beyond the money savings on delivery, you enjoy a lot of advantages.
The solution chosen today by over 85 online stores in Europe, but especially in Asia, Australia and the Middle East, postal delivery of small parcels from online stores is first of all efficient but above all cheap.
Without customs formalities, with full coverage, the postal service, post and postmen, will always make the best and cheapest delivery.

Today, we deliver in Romania more than 4 million monthly deliveries with correspondence (invoices, notices, cards) both for Romanian companies but especially for those from abroad.
Choose a POSTAL service when you want to enjoy security at a low price.

courier postal delivery romania
courier postal delivery romania

best delivery postal price

5 eur tu USA and 6 eur in China good or not ?

track and trace for postal

in our website and also in global web track 17net

full Worldwide postal network coverage

from London to Kenya without restriction

best choice delivery service Romania

using local posta for delivery you get best delivery ratio

courier postal delivery romania


Delivery of parcel envelopes containing goods or cards anywhere in Romania through the private national postal network, at an excellent price starting with 1.5 eur / delivery depending on the volume. Delivery to the customer's address or mailbox.


Delivery of parcel envelopes containing goods or cards anywhere in the world through the international postal network, at an excellent price starting with 2.5 eur / delivery depending on the volume. Delivery to the customer's address or mailbox, the service dedicated to international online sales or any business.

courier postal delivery romania


Delivery of leaflets, flyers and other advertising materials, with or without a delivery address, anywhere in Romania with national coverage. The service that allows you to advertise by mail at an excellent price and with a high success rate.

who use our international postal service for envelope and parcel

courier postal delivery romania
mail delivery for transport companies

for sending invoice, CMR, and all range of original transportation documents in Europe

postal delivery for online shops

for delivery worldwide of small items pre-paid

courier postal delivery romania
courier postal delivery romania

delivery for banks and financial services

delivery of bank cards, notices or other financial documents

post delivery for lawyers and legal services

to send contracts or other original documents
courier postal delivery romania

International and Domestic cheap Delivery by  POST

romanian fulfillment postal delivery
small parcel delivery worldwide with  postal services very cheap and secure

Mail delivery anywhere in the world is clearly the most effective solution available to online businesses to expand their sales anywhere in the world. Now from our warehouse your goods will go to China, America, Australia or England at a price not exceeding 8 euros per delivery and will be delivered safely in the hands of your customer. Moreover, your customer's expectations will not be deceived by having an efficient delivery, in hand or at the address, made by an operator known to him.

Rates for POSTAL DELIVERY services

if the transit time is not a priority but the price is, our POSTAL delivery service your choice

The postal service is addressed equally to individuals, online stores, medium-sized businesses and large-scale businesses in the banking or financial field. What unites them all is the need for a low price and safe delivery. That's why we make sure that through our national and international partners, we maintain a low delivery price but also a safe service with full coverage of both Romania and the world through the postal prescription.
With us you will find a good price both for an envelope and for volumes of 2-3 million envelopes per month, so your business will enjoy a fair price, a safe and efficient delivery.
Deliveries in Romania for 0.50 eur or in America starting from 5 eur / delivery are rates that the courier market cannot provide, so when your business needs an excellent price, the national and international postal network is the solution.

Ask for details from us and based on the specifics of your business (business model, special needs, monthly delivered volume) you will quickly get a price offer!

Send envelopes and packages cheaply by private mail anywhere in europe or the world

national and international postal shipments

Delivery service  international postal, slower, but safe and much cheaper, responds efficiently to the needs of the customer or online stores, when you want to send small envelopes or parcels by mail.

For this reason, together with our colleagues from Pink Post (the largest private postal operator in Romania) and a number of national postal partners (Royal Mail, La Poste, BPost, Correos, Post NL, Poste Italiane, and others) we structured an international postal service, ready to meet all market needs.


Delivery by post means cheap and secure delivery of small envelopes and packages anywhere in the world, with pickup from the sender and delivery on the signature to the recipient.
The International Postal Service delivers from your address in Romania to the recipient's mailbox in any corner of the world, at an unbeatable price. Below you will find the details of the international postal service provided by TCE through its partners.

The International Post Service is offered only on a contract basis and is addressed exclusively to companies.


trimite plic national international


Today we deliver in Romania through the postal service both for online stores in Romania and anywhere in the world, as well as for businesses in the banking area (cards, information) or in the advertising field.



We deliver advertising materials as well as unaddressed envelopes to mailboxes everywhere in Romania. A service with a high success rate addressed to all printing and advertising companies from all over the world. with a delivery capacity of over 4 million deliveries per month, we are one of the leaders in the unaddressed deliveries market.


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