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Store your products with us

Choose the warehouse that suits you according to conditions and location. A warehouse closer to the import market will reduce your transportation costs to the hall. A warehouse in the middle of the outlet gives you a better delivery time. Specific merchandise (eg food) requires special storage conditions.

We safely take over the products you want to store. All the products we store are checked upon receipt and registered in your management, which you have access to in real time. See the quantity, quality, dimensions and weight of your products anytime.

We keep the products in the safest conditions. The warehouse is secured and the halls comply with all safety rules.

We're taking your orders

We provide you with a system that streamlines and optimizes the relationship between your store and customers.
You choose how to take orders:

Direct from your online store via connectors for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, eMag Marketplace, Blugento, Gomag, etc.

By manually entering the commands in the TCE application

By integrating with the TCE application through the API


Take care of storing, processing, billing, packaging and delivering orders to your online store.

We invoice, pack, deliver

We invoice your name to the final customer and prepare all the necessary documents for delivery. Documents can be accessed by you in the TCE application at any time.

We quickly assemble the parcels thanks to the management system that identifies where the product is in the warehouse.

You can customize the parcels with your store's markings or any other identifying elements you consider appropriate. Any package may contain promotional materials. You can run direct mailing campaigns right through your parcels.

We deliver with TCE courier service


Our mission is to ease your work and create a relationship between your store and your customers.

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contact tce courier


Linehauls Department


phone: +4 031 4344229

skype :tce.cosmin


Courier  Department


phone: +4 031 4344228

skype :tce.ramona 


Operational Department


phone: +4 031 4344229

skype :tce.laura