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domestic and international courier delivery in Romania or Europe

ship envelope and parcel with cash on delivery in Romania and Worldwide

Romanian Courier Delivery
Romanian Post Delivery
Romanian Fulfillment Services 


Services dedicated to the development of your business in Romania or Europe. Through us you can safely expand your business both in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and in any other country in Europe, because you benefit from safe and fast deliveries by courier, cheap deliveries by post but also storage and fulfillment services for all European countries.

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delivery of envelopes and parcels through the private national postal network, both by hand and in a mailbox

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door to door delivery of envelopes and parcels with cash on delivery anywhere in Romania by fast courier

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delivery of international postal envelopes and parcels without customs at an excellent price

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delivery via road courier network in Europe and air courier anywhere in the world

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We offer to our clients a lot of additional services mostly concerning work with goods. In most cases the clients are not in physical touch with physical pieces of products, which they sell. That is why we practically provide all these activities:

- labelling of goods with etiquettes, printing and inserting
- co-packing, co-manufacturing, assembling of sales packages, multipacks, inserting manuals and prospects
- shrink wrap, making gift packages
- customer support
- integration of information systems between provider and client
- returns and claim management
- other services as required by client

We have permanent news in courier services

Curieri in permanenta inovare !

trimite plic colet national international

ECOMMERCE COURIER GREECE- delivery with cash on delivery in Greece

A new destination is open for your online store. You can sell now and send ENVELOPES or PARCELS with cash on delivery to Greece. You can bring envelopes or parcels from Greece without worries.

trimite plic colet posta international

INTERNATIONAL POST DELIVERY -postal delivery anywhere worldwide

Through the international postal service you deliver cheap anywhere in the world. Deliveries in the USA and Canada starting from 5 eur/package.

trimite plic colet national international

Your online store can sell in Europe with or without cash on delivery. Through the ECOMMERCE CURIER service, any destination in Europe is at your disposal.

ECOMMERCE DELIVERY EUROPE -now we cover all european destination for delivery

trimite plic colet national international

ONLINE COURIER - you can use our app to place online orders without contract

Why ?

no contract, no formalities, no obligations
sending envelopes nationally and internationally anywhere in the world,
the best market price granted to individuals.

livrari Ucraina Belarus Rusia.jpeg

with our postal service we can deliver with no restriction

The war in Ukraine did not manage to keep us away from our goal - we always offer a solution to the client.

Postal deliveries of envelopes and parcels up to 2 kg on the international postal network to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia

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FUEL PRICE HIT AGAIN - now in Hungary

The decision taken by the Hungarian Government to suspend the fuel subsidy for courier and logistics companies taken on 01.08.2020 brings the price of fuel from HUF 320 to HUF 810/liter. and causes a chain reaction of courier and logistics services, which increases delivery rates by up to 50%.
Our company maintains a moderate position by maintaining the European fuel index for deliveries to Hungary, pending market stabilization.

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